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Craigslist San Diego

Since we know Craigslist San Diego is a city in the southwest of California and the city is famous because of the weather and their many beaches, we also know that it is one fo the best cities to sell on Craigslist. In 2000 census it had a population of 1.223.4000 people. It’s the second biggest city of California and the Seventh of the United States. San Diego has many military bases, including navy ports and United States marines. It has also the biggest naval headquarters in all the world.

One good thing of users in San Diego is that they are really not the normal type of users who would just buy or ask for anything normal, they end up getting what nobody wants and somehow after that sharing it with everybody, i find thats a really weird attitude but you can always get away with it.

We found the coolest top 3 Craigslist classifieds in San Diego city and are going to share it with you:

I want to get my bra back!
The story of a girl who forgot his imported french bra in a one night stand guy house, and is looking to get it back.

Newbie translation of Craigslist San Diego codes
If you are a newbie in Craigslist, you should check this codes out.

Wrong order
Some guy ordered his food wrong and got some spicy wings which neiter him or his cat would eat, of course he is giving them away for free.


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