Invade the United States

I sincerely that this request wholeheartedly. Some of us here in the States, we need your help. We want the invasion of the United States. We have nut jobs in this country, and they are actually elected to office.

Now I know what they think: “But you Hoser have their own chaos here, we do not want anything to do with you.” And you are right, but we have a few things to you, here are eight reasons why you have to conquer:

1st Hockey. I know, ask how the U.S. can give Hockey Canada? Most NHL teams are in the U.S. and trustworthy, not exactly treated as they deserve to be treated, are considered second-class sport for most Americans. Ask the average American, won the Stanley Cup and looks at you blankly. You can use all our hockey teams and the children the love they deserve, in addition to all the players are Canadians.