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Craiglist makes the prostitution easier?

Catherine is a 35 year old prostitute who lives and works in San Francisco and is based on the famous site of ads to avoid, or minimize the problems of violence and the risks that are common in his profession.

“Craigslist is important to help prevent violence,” said the woman, who is also of European origin, and continues, “Craigslist is a way to filter people, and allow us to avoid those that can make trouble, and not with Craigslist there is no need for pimps. ”
And how many women in her position say, you are safe in saying “Craigslist is vital! ”

And this is why the Sheriff of Cook County, Chicago, Tom Dart, in an interview with Cnet News, accusing the popular web service to be a major source of customers for prostitution in the United States. In addition, in the same interview, Dart reveals that often, in the sexual services offered by advertisers to Craigslist, involving minors and people forced into prostitution against their will.

In the complaint filed by the Dart, Craigslist is presented as a powerful marketing tool for pimps and prostitutes, which makes it much easier for criminals to escape the police.But Dart’s work has focused not on those people who have chosen prostitution as a source of income at the individual level, and therefore conscious, but that area exploited by organized crime as a source of income and the involvement of minors. As for children, showed the same sheriff, that the ads in that regard it up more or less like this: “Do you want a young girl? We have a young girl, all you have to do is pay a little more .. ”