DIY Moving Sucks

Congratulations! You just landed that killer deal on craigslist – a sweet, deluxe pool table that fits perfectly in the rec room.  But that thing is not only heavy, it’s delicate.  We’re not just talking bend-your-knees heavy; we’re talkin’ hernia heavy.  So what do you do?

As craigslist continues to rock the local classifieds market, our little pool table scenario is becoming more and more common.  And believe it or not, a bunch of beefy guys in weight belts who know a thing or two about leverage may just save the day.

Local moving companies are reaping the rewards of the public’s greater comfort in buying oversized, awkward and hard-to-move stuff online and locally.  And sometimes, throwing it in the back of your brother-in-law’s F150 just won’t cut it.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great guy and all…

So how do you find good local and/or specialized mover and do so without getting ripped off?

Give sites like and a try if you want to save your back and marriage/life partnership/whathaveyou.  uShip helps you easily connect with movers – in this case, local guys – who are feedback-rated (a la eBay).  Once you list something you need moved, they actually place competing bids to win your business (again, think eBay, but the price goes lower), so this helps you move your beast of bargain at a reasonable price.

So finding deals on craigslist can be really fun and exciting – and it usually is.  But sometimes that heavy, awkward or delicate dream buy can quickly turn into a nightmare if you try to save a buck on transport.  Invest in the peace of mind – your back will thank you for it.