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eBay’s dismissal bid was denied by the judge for the Craigslist lawsuit

Craigslist filed a lawsuit against eBay for creating an online advertising site that is closely similar with Craigslist. According to the free advertising site, eBay deceitfully hid their competing intention during their negotiation with Craigslist to buy a certain venture. eBay is a site that is known for helping people sell items online while Craigslist have a wider scoop of services.

The plea for dismissal of eBay was rejected by Judge Richard Kramer, according to him the complaint is complete with all kinds of fraud that occurred after the agreement was signed. Kramer is a Superior Court Judge in San Francisco. 28% of Craigslist was bought by eBay in 2004 and they then develop a classified advertisement site in 2007 that is very closely similar with Craigslist which is called the The company believes that the lawsuit is only one of the anti-takeover defenses of Craigslist aiming to weaken the eBay’s role in their company.

The San Jose e-commerce company was also sued by the San Francisco Craigslist because of some confidential information that they used from the negotiation while preparing secretly to start a rival businesses.

eBay won the case in Delaware court and the Craigslist California lawsuit was put on hold until the Delaware case was decided and some Judge Kramer’s decision of rejecting the eBay’s plea because of the Delaware court’s findings.


Craigslist Job posting scam

Just recently a woman responded to a craigslist advertisement of a job as a house cleaner. The lady was very excited about the job because the employer informed her that he would give her a $2,400 check wherein she would get the $400 for her salary and the rest is for a painter that was supposed to fetch her and take her to the job site. It was later on discovered that she was a victim of another job posting scam on craigslist. According to Norma Miller a representative of a Better Business Bureau people should be very careful in answering some craigslist posting. There are some that criminal use to attract their victim. You must be very vigilant and think clearly when answering an advertisement. If you feel like the advertisement is too good to be true, probably it really is. Most scam offer huge pay for less work to be able to catch viewer’s attention you must be careful with names that you are not familiar with. Legitimate employers never give out money out front or even ask you to cash a check before working. It will be your first time reporting for work why would they trust you right away? And they would never let a stranger pick you up. They would always ask you to go to the job site with the address they provided. These are just a few things that you should consider before reporting or applying for a new job.


Craigslist Couple are now married after exchanging 45,000 emails!

A craigslist couple finally tied the knot after 12 years of exchanging emails through an internet courtship. The couple are Scott & Nicole McIntyre. They first got in contact with each other in 1998 while they were chatting on Yahoo! Chat.
They both are in the U.S. at that time and are not far from each other but they never really met or even talked on the phone. They only exchanged emails and conversations online. But, eventually, they lost contact with each other until December of 2009. This was when Nicole posted for an ad on Craigslist under the “lost connections” section of Craigslist. She posted an ad in search for Scott, her long-time online friend.

Scott is not a Craigslist user and never really looked at the site. But one of his friends alerted him when he saw the ad. That friend wasn’t even close to him and he even had to search for Scott’s email through google. Scott said there’s a lot of chance that Nicole couldn’t have found him but she did. Scott answered her posting and they started to send emails to each other that rounds up to 500 emails a day!

Since December of last year, they had exchanged over 45,000 emails and Scott saved all these emails. At that time, Nicole was engaged to somebody else. But because she found Scott and they rekindled their online friendship again, she called off the wedding. She then married Scott in September in Las Vegas. They now live in Melbourne and plan to marry each other again next year.


Baby for Sale on Craigslist?

A woman was arrested last week after the authorities in southwest Missouri saw an ad on Craigslist from a woman who intends on selling her baby. Alice Huff-Sims, a 29-year-old woman, is not mothering a child. She’d been stringing on three parties who wanted to pay to have her baby.

Police undercover acted as potential buyers of the baby and responded to her online ad. They met up at a local Mc Donald’s where Huff-Sims pretended to be pregnant with the child she intends on selling. The undercover policemen then paid her a “down payment” for the baby in her womb and they agree that Huff-Sims would receive the remaining amount once the baby is born. After that, the police then arrested her in the nearby parking lot and it was revealed that she is indeed not pregnant. They then discovered that this woman was also messaging three other potential buyers for her child. She has now been charged for felony stealing.