Police Suspects Craigslist Serial Criminal

Police are now looking into a strong possibility that the shooting and robbing of an 18 year old man who responded to a Craigslist ad and that of the killing of Garret Berki a week earlier, are connected and was done by the same group of people preying on Craigslist users.
Three teenagers are being suspected in the killing of Berki who was residing in San Diego. San Diego police believes the gang is targeting people in the area who are looking for bargains and good deals at Craigslist. Investigators have found out that Garrett Berki planned to buy a set of computer when he met the three teenage suspects in Paradise Hills when the crime happened. 10 News in its pursuit of the story has obtained a search warrant for a person named Rashon Abernathy whom police are suspecting of being behind at least one phony Craigslist transaction in the weeks leading to Berki’s killing. Abernathy has posted an ad for a Macbook Pro for only $900. Abernathy was believed to have committed a robbery with a fellow gang member. The robbery victim then chased Abernathy and his cohort out of the park before Abernathy got a hold of his gun and pointed it at the robbery victim who then ran back to his car and called the police immediately afterward.

Abernathy has since became an person of interest by Police by virtue of a few other fake Craigslist ad and a number of robbery cases that happened upon meet ups of probable buyers and sellers who advertised at Craigslist.