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Couple Offers Free Thanksgiving Meal On Craigslist

Tracy Cochran and husband, Joe Cochran has been opening the doors to their home every Thanksgiving Day for six years now for anyone who would want to have free thanksgiving dinner. The Cochran couple from Derry, N.H. posts their heartfelt offer on the website Craigslist each year. Tracy Cochran cooks and serves home cooked meals in their kitchen for at least 20 families, while husband Joe, delivers the home cooked meals. A lot though come directly to their house and eat with them.

However, this year Tracy has been laid off from work, and the Cochran couple is clueless on how would they continue their kind gesture and holiday tradition this upcoming Thanksgiving Day.

I want to be able to help everyone I helped before. When you have 50 emails coming in asking for help and you can only help out three, it’s kind of sad, because I would like to help out everybody,” Tracy Cochran almost tearfully said.

Regardless of the current unemployment of Tracy and the economic hardship the couple undergone this year, the Cochrans said they will still go on with their Thanksgiving tradition and will open their home for free dinner this year, even though the deliveries will have to be cut down. For the Cochrans, the best way to celebrate Thanksgiving is to help other families in dire need of a free Thanksgiving dinner.

The free meals may have to be limited but as long as the tradition at the Cochran’s household continues, there’s still a lot to be thankful about come Thanksgiving Day.