Craigslist tips

BBB Warns Public to Exercise Caution When Using Craigslit

The BBB or the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota has warned the public to exercise caution when using, an online personal ads service.

“There are certainly deals to be found online, but it’s good for both buyers and sellers to remember they’re usually dealing with people unfamiliar to them,” said BBB President and CEO Dana Badgerow. “There are risks involved and we feel it’s very important that people take the time to pause and consider both their personal and financial security.”

Craigslist has somehow become a source of good buys and deals for many people, just like in real life most Craigslist sellers and buyers are honest. However there are instances that it was being used by a few people to commit crimes by either duping, robbing or scamming online buyers or sellers alike.

The BBB has issued a few precautionary tips when using Craigslist:
– Deal first with local sellers and buyers
– Avoid wiring money
– Do not reveal your personal financial information and Social Security number
– Never apply for jobs that requires you to pay
– Home or apartment rentals should be checked in person before paying a down payment
– Strongly consider if it’s always worth selling an expensive item by comparing it with any profit you might make.

These are just some of the cautionary measures the BBB has advised those who are using Craigslist. While it will never deter those with intent on committing crimes online, it does lessen the chances of you getting scammed or fooled.