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Chicago: Newfoundland Lost – Large Reward for Return

Our large black newfoundland (125 poundsd) with white paws, white patch on chest and white tipped tail escaped from our River North office on Friday, was last seen walking amidst pedestrians near the Merchandise Mart, hoping some one took him in or saw someone else do so. He responds to “Tug” or “Johnny” and is very gentle. This was only his 4th day in a city so he is likely very scared.

$5,000 reward, absolutely serious, we very much want him back home!

Thanks so much for any help or information you can share!

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  1. Paul Magure
    April 13th, 2009 | 4:44 pm

    Any luck? I own two Newfs here in Alaska. Will keep you and Tug in my prayers.

    Dr. Paul Maguire

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