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Flawless Women ad posted by Dove on Craigslist

Dove had been known for their campaign for Real beauty featuring real women with their real curves but their good image had been under threat when an ad for “Flawless Women” were posted on Craigslist purportedly by Dove. The ad seeks for women with flawless skin that is well groomed with nice bodies that are naturally fit and not too athletic or curvy. This is a bit too strict of a requirement from Dove and the ad had been scrutinized.

Dove’s spokesperson said that the casting notice hasn’t been approved by their team and they will take the necessary steps to prevent something like this from happening again. They appreciate that the ad was brought to their attention. The spokesperson also added that they believe that the images for Dove demonstrates that real beauty comes in different shapes, color and size as well as age and they remain with their commitment to keep this image in all of their advertising.

A media commentator also said that since the ad was written in almost all caps with exclamation marks, which is quite inappropriate and unprofessional, shouldn’t have been taken seriously.


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