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SC AG McMaster

We look forward to speaking directly with Attorney General McMaster about his concerns, and finding ways to address them without compromising the utility of craigslist for South Carolinians, or anyone’s Constitutional rights.  However, we see no legal basis whatsoever for filing a lawsuit against craigslist or its principals and hope that the Attorney General will realize this upon further reflection.

craigslist has been working closely with law enforcement on these very issues, and by all objective measures has decreased misuse dramatically (approximately 90%) since craigslist and 43 attorneys general entered into a joint statement less than 6 months ago.  Given the progress that has been made dealing with  these tremendously complex issues in a very short time, and the ongoing collaboration between craigslist and law enforcement to make further improvements, we urge Attorney General McMaster to look closely at the facts before proceeding with his threat.


  1. Melinda
    May 13th, 2009 | 5:27 am

    Why are we trying to teach Spanish in American schools? Obviously from the posting above, Americans can’t put together a few sentences that are cohesive enough to make ANY sense at all! PLEASE, if you can’t write or speak English, do NOT post material!

  2. maria la O
    October 18th, 2009 | 3:11 am

    For a moment I thought that I was the only one with a language processing impediment. I must admit that I was wondering if I had suddenly developed a language comprehension deficit that prevented me from properly processing what I was reading. Or, that perhaps these writer’s linguistic development and level of sophistication had surpassed my humble level of education. (Gen ed diploma or G.E.D.)

    Thank you for your comments. I’m so glad that I am not the only one with such an impediment. As for your comment about them not posting anymore comments; I will say this: Who the heck do you think you are trying to dictate standards. Is people like you that nit-picks about crossing your I’s and dotting your T’s *(or is it the other way around?) that holds people back from expressing their opinions. Besides their linguistic short-comings, at least they have the guts to voice an opinion. In spite of their lack of “cohesiveness” I’m sure that like me, a lot of folks got the gist of what they are trying to convey…If they keep writting in spite of the likes of yous, they will eventually get their “grammer” right… Practice makes perfect, Mr./Mrs. Postgraduate?

    *Or is it poking your eyes and brushing your teeth?

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