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Great apps for your iPad that’s like Craigslists

For sure you are very familiar with the online service site Craigslist. Now you’ll know that there are two great apps for your iPad that is very much similar to the online service website. These two apps are CraigsPro and the iGarageSale.

CraigsPro has lots of options and features that make browsing ads a breeze. This application makes it much easier for you to manage, post, or search through Craigslist. With this apps, you can search through several cities at once then get a preview of the results of your search with item descriptions as well as thumbnail photos. You can even post to Craigslist within the app itself and you can easily add photos to your postings. Even if you have several Craigslist accounts, you can register each of these accounts and manage them all through the application.

Customizing search, user interface, enhanced options for searching and easy sorting of price, dates, etc. makes this Craigslist application amazing.
You can download it for $0.99.

iGarageSale is an app that shows the collected sales listings from Craigslist and gets updated continuously. It shows you a map for easy search through garage sales. It’s not a fancy application as its user interface is quite simple but it’s very easy to use. If you are in search of some money saving bargains, this app will help you find the nearest garage sales.
iGarageSale can be purchased and downloaded for just $1.99.



  1. Jon
    November 26th, 2015 | 3:59 pm

    I got it! I once tried to find an HTML editor and FTP clneit, and couldn’t find anything that did the job. It seems like a simple concept to me. It includes the ability to log into an FTP account, retrieve a list of item on that server, be able to enter subdirectories as needed, select a file (be it HTML, PHP, etc.), open and edit the file, and save and close the file. That’s it! Other features could be added later, such as code coloring, a small specialized keyboard with common coding symbols (such as #, $, operators, etc.— this could even be influenced by the file type, providing HTML symbols for .html files, PHP for .php files, etc.), the ability to copy a file from one location to another (so we could test on a staging ground before going live— this feature would presumably be a major undertaking), password memorization and auto keyword fill-in. But the basic ability needed is just the ability to edit a file on a server.That’s what I need and would definitely pay money it.

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