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eBay’s dismissal bid was denied by the judge for the Craigslist lawsuit

Craigslist filed a lawsuit against eBay for creating an online advertising site that is closely similar with Craigslist. According to the free advertising site, eBay deceitfully hid their competing intention during their negotiation with Craigslist to buy a certain venture. eBay is a site that is known for helping people sell items online while Craigslist have a wider scoop of services.

The plea for dismissal of eBay was rejected by Judge Richard Kramer, according to him the complaint is complete with all kinds of fraud that occurred after the agreement was signed. Kramer is a Superior Court Judge in San Francisco. 28% of Craigslist was bought by eBay in 2004 and they then develop a classified advertisement site in 2007 that is very closely similar with Craigslist which is called the The company believes that the lawsuit is only one of the anti-takeover defenses of Craigslist aiming to weaken the eBay’s role in their company.

The San Jose e-commerce company was also sued by the San Francisco Craigslist because of some confidential information that they used from the negotiation while preparing secretly to start a rival businesses.

eBay won the case in Delaware court and the Craigslist California lawsuit was put on hold until the Delaware case was decided and some Judge Kramer’s decision of rejecting the eBay’s plea because of the Delaware court’s findings.



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