City of Toronto looking for people

City of Toronto aimed at transforming 70% of the landfill by 2010. A key feature to meet the goal of the waste transfer and delivery of new funds include blue and dustbins, which will replace the current Blue / Gray boxes and garbage bags / cans, of all single-family households in Toronto.

The city will need an additional $ 54 million dollars annually to provide programmes / services required to convert 70% target. City will generate the necessary funds through a new volume-based rate structure for solid waste. Payment will be based on the amount of garbage produced household. The cost of waste collection will be removed from the property tax base and invoices directly to the people through shared water / solid waste utility bill.

Four different sized dustbins (small, medium, large and extra-large) will be available to the public. Residents will be asked to select the size of Ben need for their households.

Major responsibilities
• help the public with the size of garbage bin selection.
• educate the public about the new fee structure for the residential garbage collection cart.
• educational outreach tactics could include, but are not limited to presentations at the open houses, and community meetings and events

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