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CL Sues SC AG For Declaratory Relief

craigslist has filed suit against SC AG Henry McMaster in federal court in South Carolina, seeking declaratory relief and a restraining order with respect to criminal charges he has repeatedly threatened against craigslist and its executives.

Two weeks ago Mr McMaster presented craigslist with an ultimatum, “to remove the portions of the Internet site dedicated to South Carolina and its municipal regions which contain categories for and functions allowing for the solicitation of prostitution and the dissemination and posting of graphic pornographic material” within ten (10) days.”

“If those South Carolina portions of the site are not removed,” McMaster said, “the management of craigslist may be subject to criminal investigation and prosecution.”

In addition to being unwarranted by the facts, legal experts agree that the charges threatened represent an unconstitutional prior restraint on free speech, and are clearly barred by federal law (sec 230 CDA).

Interestingly, if you read Mr McMaster’s ultimatum carefully, you’ll note that the only way to definitively comply with it is to take down the craigslist sites for South Carolina in their entirety. The open architecture of craigslist, quintessential to the value it provides for users, simply does not allow for the absolute prevention of solicitation or pornography, with respect to any of its categories and functions.

Usage of craigslist in South Carolina has exploded over the last two years, with some cities experiencing 2000% growth. South Carolinians clearly value craigslist services, and appreciate finding jobs, housing, automobiles, for sale items, friends, romance, community information, local services, event listings, and just about everything else they need in their everyday lives, all in one place, and all for free.

Mr McMaster has persisted with his threats despite the fact that craigslist:

In case there had been any ambiguity as to his intentions, Mr McMaster made the following remarks on Sunday:

“We opened an investigation at 5:01 on Friday, as promised. . . .  We are preparing for a prosecution.  We are investigating.  We are moving forward. . . . . The #1 defendant is Mr. Jim Buckmaster, who is the man in charge of craigslist.. . . .  craigslist is a big promoter and facilitator of prostitution.”

Mr McMaster’s repeated threats of criminal prosecution should we refuse to shut down craigslist for South Carolina have left us little choice but to seek declaratory relief before the court.

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An Apology Is In Order

Dear South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster,

Two days ago you accused craigslist, and me personally, of engaging in criminal acts, reiterating your previous threat to file unwarranted and unconstitutional charges against us that are clearly barred by federal law. As you put it, “We have no alternative but to move forward with criminal investigation and potential prosecution.”

These very serious allegations followed the dramatic changes we implemented last week, widely applauded by other Attorneys General, that go far beyond the policies and procedures you yourself personally endorsed just 6 months ago, as indicated by your signature on the Joint Statement.

So effective in fact, that our “adult services” and soon-to-be-retired “erotic services” sections combined, for all cities in South Carolina, currently feature a total of 40 ads, all of which comply with our terms of use. That’s 40 ads out of a total of 334,180 currently listed on our SC sites. The rest comprise a thriving marketplace for South Carolinians, offering jobs, housing, for sale items, local services, and just about everything else.

Many prominent companies, including AT&T, Microsoft, and Village Voice Media, not to mention major newspapers and other upstanding South Carolina businesses feature more “adult services” ads than does craigslist, some of a very graphic nature. For a small sampling, look (careful NSFW) here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here.

Have you fully considered the implications of your accusations against craigslist? What’s a crime for craigslist is clearly a crime for any company. Are you really prepared to condemn the executives of each of the mainstream companies linked above, and all the others that feature such ads, as criminals? craigslist may not matter in your world view, despite our popularity among your constituents, but mightn’t you want an endorsement from any of the SC newspapers for your gubenatorial campaign, whose publishers you’ve just labeled as criminals? Do you really intend to launch a criminal investigation against the phone company? What about potential new jobs connected to big data center buildouts in SC by Internet companies? Are you *sure* you want prosecute all of their CEOs as criminals???

If you are threatening our founder Craig Newmark, a board member with no operational role at craigslist other than as a customer service representative, then you are expanding your list of “criminal suspects” to include thousands of employees at the above-named companies, or the companies’ boards of directors, or both.

Mr McMaster, I strongly recommend you reconsider and retract your remarks, and positively affirm that you have no intention of launching criminal investigations aimed at any of these upstanding companies, because in truth none of them are deserving of such treatment. Certainly when it comes to craiglist, by any objective standard your threats and accusations are unreasonable and unfair:

  • threats of criminal prosecution are utterly unwarranted by the facts
  • the charges threatened are unconstitutional and barred by federal law
  • our adult ad screening regimen is stricter than the one you endorsed
  • our adult services ads are fewer and tamer than other SC venues

We’re willing to accept our share of criticism, but wrongfully accusing  craigslist of criminal misconduct is simply beyond the pale. We would very much appreciate an apology at your very earliest convenience. As I’m sure would all of the other fine companies whose executives you’ve called out as criminals.

Sincerely Yours,

Jim Buckmaster
CEO, craigslist


Las Vegas: Real Estate Professional

Local Real Estate Professional Needed For Management Position.
Must have professional skills and the ability to manage a team.
Must have leadership qualities and strong work ethic.
Must have a desire to obtain company goals.
For more information regarding the position please watch this supplemental video and then call Clint to set up a phone interview.

You can talk to Clint  in the number 206-338-6028


City of Toronto looking for people

City of Toronto aimed at transforming 70% of the landfill by 2010. A key feature to meet the goal of the waste transfer and delivery of new funds include blue and dustbins, which will replace the current Blue / Gray boxes and garbage bags / cans, of all single-family households in Toronto.

The city will need an additional $ 54 million dollars annually to provide programmes / services required to convert 70% target. City will generate the necessary funds through a new volume-based rate structure for solid waste. Payment will be based on the amount of garbage produced household. The cost of waste collection will be removed from the property tax base and invoices directly to the people through shared water / solid waste utility bill.

Four different sized dustbins (small, medium, large and extra-large) will be available to the public. Residents will be asked to select the size of Ben need for their households.

Major responsibilities
• help the public with the size of garbage bin selection.
• educate the public about the new fee structure for the residential garbage collection cart.
• educational outreach tactics could include, but are not limited to presentations at the open houses, and community meetings and events

To apply for this job please visit:
More information at Craigslist Canada

Houston: Do you want to be a Tutor?

Education TOOLS is finding teachers who are interested in tutoring students
The need to build skills, academic improvement, and / or educational enrichment.

Tutors and clients will be matched based on the educational needs of the student and teacher qualifications.
Tutorial sessions will be held after school hours and / or weekends.

Teacher-mentor in all grade levels and subject areas is wanted.
Earn up to $ 25 per hour.
Flexible hours and hours tutoring available.

Applicants must be:
— A master class
(Retired teachers welcome; Certificate of Teaching Units preferred)
— Comfortable working one-on-one with students
— Excited about making a difference in a child’s life
— Willing to travel to the students (maximum 25 miles)

If you are interested in having a positive impact on academic improvement and the overall success of students, please contact the Education TOOLS

By email: [email protected]


By Phone: 832.541.7566.


Phoenix: Cosmetic product development

Seeking an experienced, driven person that has worked in the cosmetic and or cosmeceutical field for at least 6 months minimum. You will be handed the task of carrying out initiatives to a new product development program, launch and those relationships that come along with it. You will work closely with me (CEO) and our scientific staff.

You will receive equity incentives, milestone incentive and competitive pay. Position will begin as a consultant and can be a committed few hours per day with more on the front end. It will turn in to or can begin as a full time consulting job. Details to be discussed. Please send resume, summary of experience, goals, a bit about yourself, etc to my email address. Tell me why you are seeking this position and what gets you up and excited every day. email or phone 602-684-1597.