Houston: Do you want to be a Tutor?

Education TOOLS is finding teachers who are interested in tutoring students
The need to build skills, academic improvement, and / or educational enrichment.

Tutors and clients will be matched based on the educational needs of the student and teacher qualifications.
Tutorial sessions will be held after school hours and / or weekends.

Teacher-mentor in all grade levels and subject areas is wanted.
Earn up to $ 25 per hour.
Flexible hours and hours tutoring available.

Applicants must be:
— A master class
(Retired teachers welcome; Certificate of Teaching Units preferred)
— Comfortable working one-on-one with students
— Excited about making a difference in a child’s life
— Willing to travel to the students (maximum 25 miles)

If you are interested in having a positive impact on academic improvement and the overall success of students, please contact the Education TOOLS

By email: [email protected]


By Phone: 832.541.7566.

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craigslist chicago…

When it comes to Craiglist jobs listing, it is arranged by category and in alphabetical order that only needs a click for you to access the category‚Äôs contents….

Can a foreigner who has got his/her Ph.D degree apply for the tutor position who has got his/her Ph.D degree.

I listed a sewing machine for sale, had this response from a [email protected]. she has been trying put me off on the sale, first she wants the machine and doesn’t want me to look for another buyer. then she puts me off on who she is and where she is from. then she keeps saying yes to buying the machine. then she is sending me the money tomorrow, and now she has sent me a message that I will receive the money by UPS and I am to deduct from what she is sending me (lookes like at 3,000.) and wants me to send the balance back to her via Western Union. this sounds like skam to me and I do want to report her. She list the shipper that she is sending to pick up the machine as Eduardo Munoz Sanchez, Las Vegas. NV 89146.. I am to call him when I get the money.. She gave me a tracking # at UPs 1Z21A1411598027536, I tracked it with Ups and they have no such number. I think we are dealing with a crack pot here and I don’t know what to do about it other than report her to you. She may be doing this to others as well. Thanks for listening to me , a reply would be helpful… thanks. Estaleen Earthal, Orange City, fl. All this has taken place over about 3 weeks…

This Eduardo Munoz sanchez is a scammer, this is the email he sent me.
Dear Dan,

How are you doing today? Am sorry for not getting back too you since, but Am glad to give you the tracking number via ups (1Z5979390198011770) Which you would recieve via ups carrier express this morning you can track the package with the tracking number from
I want you to go ahead as concluded and get the shipper’s money accross to them via western union money transfer or, money gram money transfer depending on which one is very close to you., All I want you to do is you deduct your $1,100 plus the $50 for your stress and get the remaining $4,400 sent to them and make sure you deduct transfer charges from the $4,400.
As soon as the payment sent to them, and as been confirmed by my shipping agent via Western Union Money Transfer, they shall contact you to schedule a convinient pick up arrangement with you. Here is the shipping company information below …..
Note: Once you get the Money sent to the Shipping Company you are to Scan them the Western Union Receipt and email the Western Union Money Information. Moreso I will like you to get the funds sent today so as for the shipping company to come for the pickup at your convinient time and email me back please. Below is their senior accountant western union info to send the money to:

Name……..Eduardo Munoz sanchez
Address……………..6008 west. oakey blvd
City………………..las vegas
Sate ……………………..nevada
Zip Code………………89146

As soon as you have the money sent to him, I want you to get back to me with the following information:


Please and dont forget to tell them the actual time and date to come for the pick up.
Thanks and i will be looking forward to hear from you today.


He sent me a check for $4500 over asking to sent “this guy” the ballabce, sure you can deposit the money and take it out but the bank will realize this is a fraudulent check and take it back in a few days. Meanwhile you already have sent the money order and you are left holding the debt.

Some one need to call LasVegas PD, he gave us the address!!

Hello ,

Am sure that you have received the check package today via USPS is the courier.and Here is the Tracking Number for the package (EO 972 791 263 US). I want you to take the check to the bank and get it cash immediately because i really want you to send the remaining balance to the Traveling Agent today or first thing tomorrow as soon as you get the money so the Traveling agents can be able to accomplish all the necessary document of the traveling before this Thursday. I will let you know the address as soon as the Estates agents is willing to send you the keys for the apartment and after this i can send you the groceries lists and you will then deliver that in the new apartment..but for now..

Follow the instructions and get the funds sent to the Traveling agents today for paper works. You can take the check to the nearest Cashing point and have it cashed immediately there and go ahead and send the Travel agent the $2,000 first thing tomorrow and get back to me with the details needed..

The check is of $2,950, you will deduct $550 as your deposit and $400 for the shopping of the groceries And then send the remaining $2,000 to the travel agent via western union money transfer so that he can buy us a flight ticket, here’ s the travel agent information you’ ll will sending the funds to:

Name: Eduardo Munoz sanchez
Address: 6008 west. Oakey Blvd
City: Las vegas
State: Nevada
Postal Code: 89146
Country: USA

I will want yo to make the transaction to the traveling agent on the information provided via Western Union Money Transfer,As soon as the transaction is done ..

I will want you to get back to me with the transfer details such as ,

The sender’s Name:
Western Union MTCN:

After the charges because i was told by them that the Western Union will remove some transfer charges from the money you are sending ..

As soon as the payment is confirmed by the agent then she will proceed on her traveling and i will let you know the Plane she would be coming with and the Ticket number because you will be the one that would pick her at the airport.. Please do let me know the nearest airport.

Hope she will enjoy your service .

Thanks and God Bless.

Oh My God! We have been receiving e-mails by the dozens from this guy and others like him. We also received a check and we were told to Western Union some of the money to Edwardo Munoz sanchez. We have not yet cashed the check because we smelled something fishy about this. The guy asked us to set up house for himself and his wife in preparation for them to move here from outside the country. Then he asked that we send $2500 of the money sent to us to a “travel agent in Las Vegas” who is supposed to make the travel arrangements for the wife. So weird right? We have saved a majority of the e-mails and the check and we will be reporting this guy to local government.

yep this guys a scammer i got the money orders and nothing seemed rite about the emails so i googled the names on the money orders and the mail and the emails they are all stollen beaware

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