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From Internet News, “Who’s Really Winning the Search Race“:

Yet, as it turns out, the big players aren’t the ones seeing the most growth in search. Instead, it’s Craigslist that leads in percent growth according to comScore. The online classifieds site posting a 12 percent jump in queries from 583 million to 651 million from April to May.

Here’s the data, with search queries denominated in millions:

Entities Apr-09 May-09 Growth
Google Sites 13,041 13,035 0%
Yahoo Sites 3,161 3,021 -4%
Microsoft Sites 1,250 1,194 -4%
AOL LLC 795 721 -9%
Ask Network 705 691 -2%
craigslist 583 651 12%
MySpace Sites 658 636 -3%
eBay 654 634 -3%
Amazon Sites 188 185 -2%
Facebook 176 184 5%


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