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Jim Buckmaster a craigslist CEO attacked CNN’s Amber Lyon on blog post

Seems like Jim Buckmaster wasn’t happy with the way Amber Lyon interviewed their founder Craig Newmark. According to Jim Buckmaster Amber ambushed Craig with surprised questions about topics which Craig wasn’t prepared to answer. He was supposed to be interviewed for his talk on veteran’s affairs which happened last May 20.

Jim’s feisty post was created after Amber Lyon requested to set up an interview with the company’s spokesperson or Jim himself. Jim claimed that Craig though he is the founder his is no longer in management and he is not the company’s spokesperson. And that it was not fair to ambush their semi-retired founder Craig Newmark with questions he doesn’t have a clear idea or he hasn’t prepared for. What makes Jim so mad is that the network was able to air the “misleading” piece a number of times. The CEO has no problems with the network but he was only attacking Amber Lyon.


Flawless Women ad posted by Dove on Craigslist

Dove had been known for their campaign for Real beauty featuring real women with their real curves but their good image had been under threat when an ad for “Flawless Women” were posted on Craigslist purportedly by Dove. The ad seeks for women with flawless skin that is well groomed with nice bodies that are naturally fit and not too athletic or curvy. This is a bit too strict of a requirement from Dove and the ad had been scrutinized.

Dove’s spokesperson said that the casting notice hasn’t been approved by their team and they will take the necessary steps to prevent something like this from happening again. They appreciate that the ad was brought to their attention. The spokesperson also added that they believe that the images for Dove demonstrates that real beauty comes in different shapes, color and size as well as age and they remain with their commitment to keep this image in all of their advertising.

A media commentator also said that since the ad was written in almost all caps with exclamation marks, which is quite inappropriate and unprofessional, shouldn’t have been taken seriously.


Elusive dog tracked down thanks to Craigslist

Linda McDowell doesn’t know where to start looking for her 5 year old dog named Bo. He ran away when he got treated in a veterinary hospital after he was bitten by a pit bull. For some reason, he just bolted out of there and this devastated Linda.

She started putting up fliers around the clinic but had no luck, she even posted an ad on Craigslist on its lost and found section but didn’t have much luck until a woman named April Daily saw the dog as her own dog started barking so she looked out the window and saw this cute dog. He hides a lot so they couldn’t catch him and they couldn’t check his name tag.

They tried searching for lost dogs on Craigslist but thought there was no listing until at the last moment, there it was a picture of Bo. Her husband Shane started crying out this is the dog as it looks exactly like the dog that was hiding on the bushes. They immediately called up Linda and she went to their house and camped out waiting for Bo. Bo didn’t come back so she’s still looking for her dog who she said is totally devoted to her. The Daily family lives in Stetson Hills so he might be just near the area. Email Linda if you find him at [email protected]


Dart Dismissed

US District Court Judge John F. Grady has summarily dismissed Sheriff Dart’s suit against craigslist, concluding:
Sheriff Dart may continue to use craigslist’s website to identify and pursue individuals who post allegedly unlawful content. But he cannot sue craigslist for their conduct

Trial Postponed

Our trial before the Delaware Chancery Court has just been postponed at eBay’s request, but it’s worth noting that the Chancellor has now granted summary judgement dismissing 2 of eBay’s claims.

As to the remaining claims, the evidence at trial will show craigslist and its directors adopted reasonable governance measures to protect craigslist and its mission from, among other things, eBay’s exploitation of its position as stockholder to harm craigslist and obtain unfair commercial advantage.

Here is the public version of craigslist’s trial brief.

The unrelated suit against eBay in California — for unlawful and unfair competition, misappropriation of proprietary information, deceptive passing-off, business interference, false advertising, phishing attacks, free-riding, trademark infringement, trademark dilution, and breaches of fiduciary duty — is unaffected.

Parents For Sale – $155

This offer got picked up by the Early Show among other outlets:

“Got lots of use out of these guys over the past 50 years but it’s time to move on.  Excellent overall condition.  Still plenty of life left in them.”

Runway Project

Hurry, buying interest taking off for CL-listed Florida airport:

In addition to 7 hangers and a 2,700-foot grass landing strip, purchaser will gain a mobile home, barn and a zoning permit for the construction of an additional 13 hangers.

Seek and Ye Shall Find

From Internet News, “Who’s Really Winning the Search Race“:

Yet, as it turns out, the big players aren’t the ones seeing the most growth in search. Instead, it’s Craigslist that leads in percent growth according to comScore. The online classifieds site posting a 12 percent jump in queries from 583 million to 651 million from April to May.

Here’s the data, with search queries denominated in millions:

Entities Apr-09 May-09 Growth
Google Sites 13,041 13,035 0%
Yahoo Sites 3,161 3,021 -4%
Microsoft Sites 1,250 1,194 -4%
AOL LLC 795 721 -9%
Ask Network 705 691 -2%
craigslist 583 651 12%
MySpace Sites 658 636 -3%
eBay 654 634 -3%
Amazon Sites 188 185 -2%
Facebook 176 184 5%

Ferries for sale – $1.1 million

Pair of twin-screw car/passenger ferries for sale in Vancouver, BC:

These babies are drawing considerable interest, so get ‘em before they’re gone!

Conan n’ Slash shop CL for new Ax

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