Bank robber hired people in Craigslist

A hilarous bank robber used craigslist to hire people paying them a high-fee per hour just to help him doing the dirty work, they never suspected anything but when they did they were ashamed.

Like Thomas Crown, the thief published in the portal saying he was looking for people to perform construction work in a village south of Seattle. A dozen candidates responded and agreed to receive a payment of 28.50 dollars per hour of work.

Then our creative villain proceeded to steal the trucks transporting the money to the bank with pepper gas and when he was going to leave with the loot, their “workers/henchmen” appeared in the street on the outskirts of the bank all dressed in yellow jacket, glasses security, a mask with air filter and a blue shirt.

The robber escaped and is now at a Caribbean island that we are not going to name …

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I have to question the veracity of this story, not only because the details are vague, but if the story is true, not giving the location of the bank robber is abetting a criminal…and that’s a federal crime. It’s also disingenous to make such a claim in the first place. So the storyteller is either a liar or a criminal. Take your pick, but I’m betting both.

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