eBay sues Craigslist and starts a war

The largest company in the world of Internet auctions, eBay, has sued Craiglist, a rival in which owns a minority stake, accusing the service of online classified ads to try to disrupt its business.

eBay asserts that the board of Craiglist (leading classifieds service in the Network) took “unilateral steps” to reduce the participation of 28.4% which eBay owns more than 10%.

The complaint accuses the founder of Craiglist, Craig Newmark, who runs the company with a well-known style of open-mindedness, and CEO Jim Buckmaster. Newmark and Buckmaster are the only members of the board.


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Bank robber hired people in Craigslist

A hilarous bank robber used craigslist to hire people paying them a high-fee per hour just to help him doing the dirty work, they never suspected anything but when they did they were ashamed.

Like Thomas Crown, the thief published in the portal saying he was looking for people to perform construction work in a village south of Seattle. A dozen candidates responded and agreed to receive a payment of 28.50 dollars per hour of work.


Increased fraud and heavy jokes on Craigslist

The cases of fraud and jokes that have been rising in recent weeks on this website, where impersonating another person is a very simple task.

Craigslist is an Internet portal where you can insert ads for free and find all kinds of objects, services, real estate and even a couple.

The site, which operates in 52 countries, including Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Venezuela, is the seventh most popular website in the U.S. with about 25 million visits each month .

Birdie Avery, who lives in Oregon, in northwestern U.S., is not among its visitors, but on Tuesday discovered that someone used his name to sell on Craigslist nothing less than a baby.

The announcement included an email address with the name Birdie Avery and claimed that a baby abandoned by his mother was sold for just $ 1,000.

Avery says that neither she nor her husband have a computer and learned that the existence of the notice of the case when investigators were at her home.

The police have finally arrested Patrick Ryan, a resident of the area, acknowledges that having published the announcement but said that it was all a joke and there was never a baby for sale.